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Company Profile UniForce Productions is a Record Label benefiting artists who stand out in their originality, artistic talent and authenticity. In addition to managing artistic careers and promote musical works, UniForce Productions offers a full range of related services intended for artists and companies from the cultural field. The company also aims to promote talent from Quebec and elsewhere on a national and international scale, to consolidate careers of established artists and evolve that of emerging artists. The company structure now has two components: - A Record Company that aims to offer the services of Management, Album and Show Production, Marketing, Booking as well as Music Publishing. - Promotion and Communication Agency that aims to offer Press Relations services, Radio Tracking, Web Strategy, Social Network Management in both the cultural and retail sectors as well as the interview coaching service. Artist clients in 2022 La Chicane, Boom Desjardins, LGS, Zachary Richard, Anne Bisson, Mia Kelly Antoine Aspirine, Alex Richard, Annie Blanchard, Gabrielle Goulet, Marjolaine Morasse, Damien Maze, Irvin Blais, Etienne Dupuis, Fred Lalancette, Kattam et ses Tamtams, Mélanie Brulée, Vincent Bishop,… Vice E roi, Ryan Kennedy, Shaun Ferguson et Stéphanie St-Jean.


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